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Meeting the pressing needs of single mothers and their children has become one of our favorite ministries. An unmarried pregnant woman who chooses to keep her baby often faces unsurmountable challenges and hardships. Without family and community support, single mothers are forced to live in poverty and loneliness. Many have no choice but to support themselves and their children through prostitution, begging, or worse. After hearing too many stories of their struggles, we opened Hidden Treasures House of Refuge for Single Mothers.

This ministry is growing as more and more women hear that there is hope for their small family. We offer free housing, a job at Hidden Treasures where they are welcome to bring their children to work, and provide a “road to healing” for body, soul, and spirit as we journey with them down this new road. When it’s time for their children to go to school, we offer our school free of charge to their children. Our school is located at their job site and their work hours are tailored around their children’s needs. They have become family to us and we couldn’t be more pleased to become a part of their success story.

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