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How fun and rewarding it is to interact with our community and work together to make our village, city, and nation great. Here are some of the variety of free services we offer to fill in the gaps where we have seen the greatest needs in our community:

Learning Center for Village Children:

Hope and Wen Liang Chen lead our daily program helping village children with homework and providing them with a nutritious hot lunch. We want the children in our community to stay in school and not go hungry.

English Corner for University Students:

University students receive credit from those schools who partner with us as we provide community service hours at Hidden Treasures. Each year we have more than 6,000 university students come and learn to care for our children, our animals, and our elderly. Kyler Temple leads a weekly English Corner for the university students who come to volunteer at Hidden Treasures. The English Corner is our way to serve these students by teaching them English and building relationship.

Community Center: 

Ling Qiang leads the Community Center here at HTH. This program is offered to those older students with special needs who have completed their educational goals. These students enter our Community Center to learn practical occupational skills such as industrial kitchen help, gardening, animal care, art, industrial laundering, and more. Ling Qiang then helps to integrate them into our Hidden Treasures family as paid staff. Family members of our students tell us they never dreamed their student would not only continue to learn but to make a living as well. These students have become a blessing to their families and to us in new ways.

Hands of Hope:

Our daughter, Hope Chen leads this beautiful ministry. The goal of the Hands of Hope ministry is to equip those less fortunate with entrepreneurial and trade skills that will eventually provide them with financial stability. This is such a fun and creative ministry! The participants are also very talented. Check out our store to see products made by HOH. As you purchase their products you directly help people become free.

Animal Shelter:

Winnie Moyer leads our animal shelter. Animals are provided with medical care, food, water, shelter, and love. Many of our animals recover from illness due to neglect and are adopted by those impacted by this loving ministry.

Home for Single Mothers:

Xiao Lain leads this ministry which provides single mothers and their children safe shelter, food, and a job as they become self-sufficient in providing a secure home for themselves and their children.

Nursing Home:

Ke Guang and Demi lead our nursing home ministry. Elderly widows are given a safe and loving home, meals, and medical care. We love our grandparents!

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