Foster Home

Hidden Treasures Home has individual family-style living areas to meet the special needs of a variety of kiddos. These specialized living areas, each fully equipped with their own room parents and support staff, provide a safe and loving family environment for the children.  One of our goals is to keep child-to-caregiver ratios low ensuring each child receive one-on-one time as they would in a typical family.

Healthy bonding is always an issue with children who were formerly institutionalized. To facilitate healing in this area, our staff receives training in the areas of healing and wholeness of heart issues by first receiving healing themselves.  This is a process but the children and staff are well worth the investment.

Staff are also cross-trained in a variety of areas.  They are the ones that carry out many of the “at home” therapy and educational plans as we try to develop holistic approaches to the children’s health and healing process.  We focus on healing of body, soul, and spirit by incorporating the best strategies found from around the world.  From western medicine approaches to traditional Chinese therapies, our medical staff provide excellent strategies to boost quality of life for each child.  We are always learning, learning, learning!

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