Hidden Treasures China

Hidden Treasures China was founded by Mike and Deena Van’t Hul in 2005. Located in a small village in rural China, their home became a sanctuary for orphaned children having significant special needs. Over the years, Hidden Treasures has grown to include a nursing home for elderly widows; a school for children with special needs, as well as one for children who do not have special needs; an animal shelter; a home for single mothers and their children – just to name a few. The message they try to impart to their community is simple. As members of God’s family, we are responsible to care to orphans and widows as our own. To our Father, this is justice and love.

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Our Senior Leaders

Lead with the heart of a servant and serve with the heart of a king.
-Bill Johnson


Father draws the hearts of those who are wholly given for the sake of love to serve His beautiful children here at HTH. As our facilities expand and we receive more orphaned children, the need for help increases. Because of the wide variety of services offered to our children and community, we are praying for people with specific to come and join our team.

Hidden Treasures is a diverse family of servant-lovers who have gifts and talents needed to meet the pressing needs while bring transformation and wholeness through simple acts of love. The most important quality for a new team member is a willingness to lay down their life as they love God and others. Beyond that, our needs include: doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, administrators, musicians, farmers, as well as those properly trained in counseling, social work, building/property maintenance, accounting, and the like. Just think, your life could be literally used by God to transform a child who might otherwise have no hope. Now that is worth any sacrifice!

If you are interested in joining our team of faithful servant-lovers we would love to connect with to find out if we are the right fit. You will find the application and more information at visitors@loavesandfishesintl.com. We bless you as you seek Father’s will for your life.