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A Chinese Student's Visit to Hidden Treasures in Spring 2006.

A Sweet Home For Abandoned Babies

As an ordinary primary school pupil, living in a colorful world and enjoying the love both of my dear parents and teachers, I am happy and healthy. However, I have never had a chance to care for other people until my unforgettable visit to “Hidden Treasures”.


It was a beautiful sunny Monday, My English teacher, Cindy, and I went to see some friends of hers who have converted a disused kindergarten into a private home. They live in a small village in MinHou County. When we arrived, a friendly American, Deena opened the door and greeted us. The house has three floors and a courtyard. I was amazed to see the colorful paintings and wonderful decorations of the house. Deena and her husband moved to Fuzhou about a year ago, and along with others, are foster parents to eight disabled babies from the Fujian Provincial Orphanage. They bought this house to make a real home for these poor babies plus their own three children, one of whom was a Hunan orphan two years ago. We went upstairs to the babies’ playroom. It was very big and clean with many baskets of various toys. I saw some cute babies playing with the toys. There were also some babies sitting comfortably on the caretakers’ laps. They all looked very happy. But I sadly discovered that these babies were abandoned by their parents because they had been born with something wrong with them. Deena was sitting in a chair feeding a small baby girl named Lily. Lily had a head full of pale yellow hair, really white skin ad blue eyes with pink streaks. Later, I learned that Lily was born an albino, meaning, she had no color. The only color precious Lily had was a pair of rosy red lips. While we all felt sorry for Lily, she was so beautiful that I begged Deena to let me hold her. Lily soon felt (sic) asleep in my arms with an expression of happiness and calmness. This was my first time to hold such a small baby and it was also the first time I felt my heart so full of love and joy. After I gave Lily back to Deena, I saw a little boy whose mouth was disfigured by a harelip. Tina said he was too small to begin having surgeries to correct it. I felt very sorry for poor little Baby Michael, too, so I ran over and held him in my arms. He obviously liked me and welcomed me with a broad smile. There was one other little boy whose mouth was really disfigured. His name is Caleb and he has been with the family the longest. There are four other babies who have already had their first operation in repairing their misshaped mouths. Then there is Daniel, a precious boy who was also abandoned because he was born with something not quite right with him mentally. He’s such a loving child; I hope he finds a good family. I spent all the afternoon with the babies. I fed, played and talked to them. I hope everything goes well with them and that when they grow older, they can go to school like other children and enjoy a good life. I am even more thankful to my parents for their love and care for me.







When we first knew in our hearts that we wanted to step out and go to China, we didn't know what we could possibly give... When we read the story of the Loaves and Fishes, our hearts were moved. We felt that we had been given so much, but we had so little to offer in return. As we thought about this little boy, we realized we didn’t need to have a lot; we just needed to give all that we have. We’ve been given an abundant life; shouldn’t we share that with others? Everyday our cry is,"God, break our hearts for what breaks your heart. Show us how to love the world the way You love the world. Teach our eyes to really see those who are crying and hurting and dying. And when we see them, give us the grace, the love and the compassion to stop and give our lives.” We don’t have much, but we do have arms to hug and hands to help. Our cries are being answered every day. We are being shown the orphans, the poor and the broken-hearted everywhere we go.

If you have felt the desire to come and love on our babies, You don't have to have a lot. Just give what you have, and be prepared to see the miraculous happen! It is amazing to see how people from various walks of life have been pieced together for His plan to bless the children of HTH. It is because of this diverse "family", whose different gifts and talents complement each other, that the children here have thrived. We are blessed by the abundance of volunteers wanting to come and serve here. If you would like to visit our home and share in our everyday life, please contact to start the application process.