Option two is participating in OCP. The Orphan Care Project was formulated as an outcome of Mike and Deena life working with disabled orphans in China and the lessons they have learned along the way. Deena received her Doctorate of Ministry from United Theological Seminary in 2015. She developed the OCP through her research during the development of her doctoral thesis. By combining Mike and Deena’s experiences, research on orphan care in China, and doctrinal study, Deena created a solid argument addressing the believer’s responsibility to care orphans and widows as an expression of their Christian faith.

The OCP is available in its original three-day format or a condensed one-day format. In session one, Deena shares the personal testimony of Mike and Deena’s supernatural encounter with God that changed their lives forever, leading them to care for orphans

and widows in a small village in China. The focus of this first session is hearing the voice of God, God’s faithfulness and provision when He calls, and living a life in faith instead of fear. In session two, Deena leads participants through Old and New Testament biblical passages focusing on the severity of God’s Word with regard to caring for orphans and widows. The session includes comprehensive overview of Father God and His protective heart for orphans and widows as stated in the Word of God.

Additional sessions included in the 3-day OCP involve hearing personal stories from Hidden Treasures children regarding how their own lives were impacted by Christians who laid their lives down for love, as well as hearing from Hidden Treasures Leaders and their encounters while caring for orphans and widows. Participants will have scheduled time working with the children and caring for their daily needs. The OCP ends with a time of blessing and impartation. You don’t want to miss out on this vital one-of-a-kind teaching. It will change your life!