All our children were just babies when Hidden Treasures Home opened in 2005. Many had such serious conditions that forced all attention on sustaining life. Miraculously, babies who were not supposed to live did just that. These children grew stronger. They were fighters, smart and determined. We quickly realized that they needed more brain function and intellectual stimulation. Consequently, we searched for schooling options, however, we were unable find schools equipped to educate our children. We realized we would need to develop a program for our special children. Our program grew into a school and is now open to HTH children as well as those in our community.

We continuously strive to learn more and better equip ourselves to offer a wider variety of services to our children. We want to provide them with every opportunity to thrive and meet their fullest potential. We incorporate physical therapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy into their educational programs. Our staff and international volunteers go above and beyond. Using much of the little personal time they have, they take late night and/or early morning classes, get on-line degrees, and spend countless hours Skyping with experts in other countries as they fight for the best resources available every single day. If you are a qualified teacher and are interested in joining our team, please go to the Visit Us page for more information.

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