Nursing Home

We were already filled to the brim when we received the call that many elderly widows had no place to live. We had no empty rooms, no extra space to provide for them, and certainly not enough money, but we were determined to make this work with excellence. Our own daughter and son-in-law offered to move out of their home, giving it to be used to care for these beautiful people. The entire Hidden Treasures family came together helping Hope and Wen Liang move out of their home. It was quickly converted into appropriate facility to care for the elderly. It only took a few days and we were ready and excited.

In January 2016 we officially opened Hidden Treasures Nursing Home. We have discovered that it is unnecessary to stop and think about whether or not we can help people. We just see a need, pray, and choose to love. God does all the rest.

We are so filled with joy and thanksgiving at the treasures we have found in these people. That we would be trusted with their lives is almost more precious a thought than we can bear. There is no worry about space or money or time….only trust, peace, and joy. When we told one of the widows about what we do at Hidden Treasures, she was hanging on every word. As she discovered that our children did not have grandparents, who are such vital members of the family unit in China, she cried out, “I will be their grandmother! I can be their grandmother!” What a moment…

Nursing Home Gallery