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Meeting the needs of our community encompasses more than we originally realized. We feel compelled to model love in our community in every possible area. The need to help suffering animals in our village soon became apparent. However, because of the 24/7 care of the children, we were unable to offer much assistance other than taking as many animals into our own home as we could. This became our children’s ministry, but the growing number of animals in need was more than we could handle.

As we have grown, Winnie Moyer joined our team with a fierce heart for both children and animals. She willingly sacrificed above and beyond, taking in animal after animal into her tiny apartment and loving them back to life. We were thrilled when we were finally able to officially open Hidden Treasures Animal Shelter in 2015.

The shelter is currently located in a secured area of our school property so students/community members/volunteers can take part in this precious ministry. They learn how to run an animal shelter, care for the animal’s daily and medical needs, and the importance of human responsibility in animal care. As visitors come to tour Hidden Treasures they are given the opportunity to tour our animal shelter as well. Most of our animals are quickly rehabilitated and adopted into the loving homes of those who have come and learned about this very important ministry.

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